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YELANGU M4 YLG0104C Professional Digital Matte Box Lens Hood for Video Camcorder / DSRL


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Description :


1. 100% high quality and brand new .

2. Matte boxes is a set in front of the camera, it is a common photographic accessories.

3. In the backlight, side light or flash photography, it can prevent non-image-forming light to avoid the mist.

4. In the backlight and side light photography, avoid scattering light into the lens.

5. In light photography or night photography, to avoid the interference of light entering the lens.

6. It can prevent accidental damage to the lens, also avoid finger inadvertently lens surface, but also to some extent for the lens


Model YLG0104C

Material ABS, Metal

Types Lens Hood

Compatible with Video Camcorder / DSRL


Weight 1,85 kg



Yelangu CYPRUS


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