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Godox ML01 Modeling Lamp, Light Bulb, 150W, E27


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This Godox Modeling Lamp has a power of 150 Watt and is suitable for the QT, QS, GT, GS, DS and DE series flash heads from Godox.

This modeling lamp in E27 can be fitted for most of the studio strobe. 

And it used to get an idea of ​​how the flash will fall on the subject. 

It also helps illuminate the model and prevent their irises opening up too much if the studio is dimly lit.

This 150w modeling lamp is widely used in strobes Godox DE, SK, DP, GS, QS, QT, TC, DE300, DE400, SK300, SK400, DP600 series for example.

Power: 150w

Voltage: 220V

Color temperature: 2900K

Socket: E27

Dimensions: 10cmx 3.5cm x 3.5cm

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Godox Cyprus


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